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day 40, derm appointment day!!



Well the day is here and my face looks crap today which is probably a good thing! The one lump on my jaw line that was big last night - well I popped it last night and there was a lot of bloody crap init! The one on my chin had a head last night so popped that. And the one on my hairline had it too! The other one on my jaw line had a head on this morning so I had to squeeze that before I could leave the house! So 4 healing spots on my face and one inflamed blackhead coz I messed with it last night! Normally I wouldn't leave the house looking like this but coz I'm going to the derm I just don't care!!

I'm nervous and excited at the same ...... Shall post again after the appointment in a few hours time....60 mile drive now but my friend is taking me so at least I can chill and navigate!

Wish me luck guys!


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