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Hi! everyone,

I've been scouring this website now for the past couple months or so, because up until a few months ago, my acne was manageable.

By manageable I mean that although it was embarrassing to the point where I'd get upset about it occasionally, it never drove me to hole myself up in my house for days on end (like i currently am).

So, I'm here to bare my soul, like so many others have. Hoping to help, to be helped, to find something to fix this horrible horrible disease.

Some background...

Right now I am a nineteen year old medical student studying in Europe, originally from India, lived most of my life in America, dying to visit Africa.

I've suffered, truly suffered from acne for the past 7 or so years. It started out very mild but as time wore on it got worse. Nothing compared to now, but even throughout high school I'd get mean comments, from extended family members, from some friends (indirect suggestions) etc. Little things that really brought down my self -esteem.

Then I went to college, in a distant land. And things just went downhill. Finally I went to see a doctor and she put me on birth controll (YAZ). It worked after a month or so. My skin looked great. No bad breakouts, (and looking back at pictures from last summer when i was on it, boy am i Jealous of my skin). Then when i went back to school in the fall, I got off of it. I didn't like the water retention and my skin had cleared so I thought it would be ok to get off of it.

Until, Christmas of 2009 my skin was ok. It wasnt great but it wasnt bad either. I went to India in Jan for two weeks and it was fine for the first week. The second week I was in the southern part of India and the humidity, I think, caused my forehead to break out. Embarrassing really, because I met Chris Brown in the Airport and was embarrassed to even say hi (but i did :pray:

Then i went back to Hungary in Feb, and my skin was GLOWING. beautiful. I have put off traveling across Europe until now because of my skin, but in February I was dying to go somewhere, because for the first time I had beautiful, clear skin. NOthing could bring me down.

It lasted for several weeks. Then late March I had a horrible breakout. It started out as what looked like blackheads along my jawline with an occasional inflamed one. And for the past several months since then it has worsened to the point where I cannot step out of the house. My face has this massive infected area. I'm not sure if its like a Staph infection at this point because of how it looks.

Well I have a derm appt in like two weeks so we'll see what she says then.

As far as what I've been on,

YAZ, used proactiv, Differin, Doxycyclin, Erythromycin, Spironolactone, bactrim, mupirocin, clindamycin topical.

nothing has worked. its so depressing. im seriously doubting that I'll be able to go back to school in the fall because of this.

anyways more updates later..

much love,



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