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Week Twenty-Seven--Pool and sunburn issues



So I decided to go to a friend's meet today. (lets call her..Eliza) Eliza and her mom were very accommodating! Plenty of food (cheeze its! yum!) and exciting events. I loved the atmosphere of the crowd! how people would wait until their teammate's head arose from the current of water their own limbs had produced to shout "GO GO GO GO!", their voices carrying out past the coaches' tents into the swim center's parking lot.

And what's even more exciting, my friend's extra suit fit me. I was ecstatic! A little self conscious (I had not forgotten my upper thigh cellulite and pubic acne...lovely) but knew I wasn't going to let my flaws interfere with the opportunity to learn the strokes for swimming.

The first new stroke I learned was the breast stroke. Then after a couple hours (all the time I was in the suit) I learned backstroke (interesting..choked on water and ended up swimming diagonally somehow, but I got the idea eventually), and the butterfly (I felt like a porpoise! :surprised: A very majestic porpoise). We also blew out all our air in order to touch the bottom of the 12 ft pool (I had no idea it was 12 feet the first time I jumped in. After a moment of confusion I just swam back up and Eliza pointed at the number...XD I thought it would be like five feet or something.) but remnants of my bronchitis (yes it came back...dumb) made my ears swell until I thought they would pop. I was only a few inches from the bottom though so its like I touched it.

At some point during the time...a young man was lying outside the warm up pool, a small crowd of adults around him, including a coach. Apparently he had asthma (it looked like he was dead..not the typical wheezing you'd except) and people took him away. his eyes were distant...not like he was thinking, his face was too contorted for that...but like they were clear. Alive. But not really thinking. At all. Like his conscious mind gave up but his brain kept his body moving.

Anyways it was an eventful day.

And upon arriving home and changing I realized something.

I had a horrible sunburn. I had applied sunscreen...but I did it BEFORE I changed into the suit...and my T-shirt and knee length shorts covered a lot more area than the suit did. The acne on my right shoulder stands out very much now. But my dad's gf was very kind. She went and bought me aloe vera gel (100% and no dye). It made the burning go away.

Then I applied it on my face.

There was definitely burning. It was worse and it was TERRIBLE! At least twice as worse as the stinging of the moisturizer in your first month of the Regimen. I tried to ignore it. Then while attempting to shave my bikini line so I wouldn't be as self conscious when I tried swimming again tomorrow, it felt like any blood that rushed to my face while it was turned down burned it. Eventually I couldnt' take it anymore.

I cleaned up as much as I could in a few seconds, and ran to the other bathroom. I cleansed my face. Twice. (put on a lot of aloe vera before). Then I dunked my head in really cold water a few times, each time as long as I could before I needed to breathe. I felt sooo much better. Then I slathered jojoba oil on my face. (no way I was going to reapply treatment when my skin was so sensitive).

Also I noticed after swimming in the pool for a while my face always gets really dry! So when I got home around three I put on some jojoba oil. Then I did the regimen after showering, but then the whole aloe vera fiasco occured.

So most of the day its like I wasn't wearing treatment. But I'm willing to deal with a breakout...sure beats the burning...even if it is right when my band camp starts v.v


It does not matter how fancy schmancy your sunscreen is. You need to REAPPLY OFTEN. Especially when its really hot out. Like 107 degrees.

Aloe vera does NOT go well with the Regimen.

Chlorinated pools dry out the skin, so bring some jojoba oil with you or time it so you can do the regimen right afterwards.

Swimmers are freakin' awesome :cry:

And the funniest part? Twenty seven is my lucky number :pray:


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