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Damn it's been a while !!! =O

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


Hey!!! it's meh...I'm back ! =)

It's been such a while...I'm sorry...haha. It's been officialy summer for a while now, I'm searching for a new job, going out a bit, family trips...blah blah....

Ultimately my back is still clear!! yay! I was lazy for a while and even stopped putting on AHA on my upper back, and It stays clear!! my breakouts on my back were so bad but so easy to get rid of, only using glycolic acid and no BP....I'm so happy I get to wear tank tops again!! :pray: yayy!

I just received my products from Dan, I ordered the 10% AHA and 2.5% BP. I've been using them for 4 days now, and I already see improvements. I'm really happy. I know my acne can't get worse. The AHA stings a bit at first, probably due to my ultra sensitive skin, but after rubbing it on with the Benzoyl Peroxide on my face my redness quickly decreases. I'm amazed!

No reactions t'ill now, pimples are getting smaller and smaller and no rash occured. And trust me, I have a very very sensitive skin, so sensitive that even baby products gives me reactions ! 0_o. I also noticed that the products contains no parabens and no other ingredients ending in....."araben" wich is really good 'cause I heard these are not good for your skin. The ingredients list is pretty short, well, shorter than Paula's choice lists wich Is REALLY GOOD! =D

I'll continue on using Acne.org's products and I hope this is finally the cure for my acne !! I'll give you further news in the next weeks !

Random fact of what I'm doing right now...um....yeah: Heyy! I'm also trying out a diet right now! well....maybe not a "diet" but trying my best not to eat too much sugar,chips,junk and over-eating!! I'm sure this will be good, not only for my skin but for my weight. Not that I'm overweight..but ya know, I'm a teenage girl and it's summer...trying my best to be as skinny as possible, though I sure gained weight lately. I try my best to eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, proteins, vege burgers (wich are delecious!), and drink water and mostly....EXERCISE! haha, wish me luck! I already noticed my belly is not as round and bloated as usual haha....

Have a nice Day! =D



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