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So starts my journey with Accutane!



So a brief summary of my acne story and how I got here to the accutane train…

I’ve had acne since I can remember, probably about 12 years old or so; it’s in the family history on both sides although how I got it this severe I will never know! It’s always been a pretty prominent presence in my life I’ve never not had acne but it’s always been controllable by over the counter products or proactiv, retin A, differin, tetracycline, tazorac etc… and yes I have been on all of those products in my lifetime! I’ve gotten older and had my babies and I know skin and hormones can change but in the last year or so my acne has been out of control! I went back to the dermatologist a year ago and started all the regular routines of treatments that had worked in the past and like most of you they worked for a brief time and then it was like my skin said too bad for you and became resistant! I’m 33 now and have been under dermatology care for over a year now and my acne is worse than ever! I’m sure you all know how humiliating, frustrating, annoying and discouraging this is especially as an adult in a professional job…. At this age you’re hoping to not have to spackle on the coverup for half an hour just so you can go to work presentable…. So my derm suggested accutane which I had heard of but was hesitant about… needless to say I am far more desperate and at the end of my rope than I am nervous about the side effects so I got all my crap together and picked up my prescription and here I am! I had read many reviews and blogs and decided I wanted to put mine out there as well because I found them helpful and some encouraging and I would love to be able to do that for someone else who’s life has been put on hold by severe acne and who is questioning if they should try accutane. I’ll log on and post as frequently as I can and please feel free to comment or ask questions. As a starting point I give you my completely humiliating before pictures because without those we can’t measure the progress much!


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