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4 MONTHS!!!!!!!



wow I cannot simple believe that I have been on accutane for 4 months inly yday it felt like it was just a few days wow, its just so weird!!!!!

so...so far NO MORE SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A SIMPLE TEEENY WEENY PIMPLE!!!! so basically in the last...4 WEEKS i have had ONE spot in the 1st week and after that NONE!!!! I mean by this time no joke i woud have a total of like...20 or something. thats not an exagerating..!!!

im so chuffed with the outcome so far...

my doc sed im only going to be on it for another one month and if im getting spots by then i will continue.

i am scared incase that after accutane my acne comes back im really scared!!!

the only sude effect...dry cracked bleeding lips, scaly dry arms and nothing else :pray:


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