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day 37



Hi! Well I used the AHA again last night around my mouth and I used moisturiser after and my skin wasnt too dry this morning.

Spot check - two bumps still on my jaw line, 1 on my hair line and still 3 on my head! Few blackheads on my chin and above my lip. The ones on my jaw line dont want to die but they are quite small at the moment and the ones on my head - well, I think Im the onlyone that can see them right now, but I would prefer them to DIE!!!

Still not drinking green tea, not taking MSM or Lecethin ....am now taking 1gram of B5 but wont go any higher as Ive been there and done that!!

Not much else to report really....derm appointment in 3 days!

Hope you're all ok...going to have a relaxing night now!



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