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Day 5 - Flakes but no JOJOBA , need advice!!



Hey everyone! Hope everyones acne battle is going well. I can't believe it's only Day 5 for me, I feel like it's been months. Okay so I have 2 major issues: 1) I am getting really dry looking and flaky skin, but I have no jojoba and piling on moisturizer isn't really helping and feels really thick and gross 2) I am running out of BP - I started with 1/2 a bottle of eXposed acne treatment (2.5% BP) and it goes quickly. Can anyone tell me how long it will take for something to arrive in Toronto if I order tomorrow off acne.org? also in the meantime is it safe to use something like olive oil or coconut oil as a substitute for jojoba? Also I made a boo boo today... I was desperately trying to get rid of these unsightly flakes and I used a grainy exfoliating scrub! I know I know think of the irritation! Well now BP stung more than yesterday but it absorbed quicker (probably because my skin is getting soooo dry). Acne continues to surface as pimples... kind of annoying and I can't tell if some are new acne or just coming up from the depths of my face from before. But there are some underground non inflamed white bumps that just won't budge... frustrating. I was looking at pics of my face at the beginning of the regime (which I will post soon, sorry guys!) and I think my skin has more regular pimples and is more red but looks better in some way? I don't know you guys can see for yourself soon enough! Night guys and good luck :pray:


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