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Month 4 on accutane



Well, i got back from camp! in one months time, things have improved GREATLY. I am pretty sure i dont have one active pimple on my face..!! I just have scars everywhere that looks like i have 70 active pimples..

I just got scar gel from my dermo and its supposed to work great for redness and everything so wish me luck! only like a month until school and i really want my skin better (: it is so great when i wash my face-its all smoothness, no bumps and no hurting! AHH I LOVE ACCUTANE

anyways, because of my low dosage i am going on it for 6 months instead of 5 so i will be done in about 3 months.

Side Effects: drrrrryyy eyes and dry lips, some back pain in the morning

if anyone is discouraged about not getting better on accutane, give it time! trust me, it will work and it will work good :pray:

♥ LU


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