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380 days post accutane



Somewhere around 380 day post accutane. My scars have really started to fade now. The only problem that I had was a short lived breakout period which caused more scars because I was stupid enough to pick them... Well those scars are now finally starting to heal. The only problem that I have with my skin at the moment is that there are small indents where some of my scars used to be. Hopefully they start to fill in naturally.

I did however buy this product by Murad which is called their Environmental Shield Kit and it is suppose to help protect your skin from Environmental Damage (hence the name) and I just started to use it yesterday. I really love this product so far. The cleanser is really light and makes my skin feel nice, can't say anything about the toner yet, too soon to see result, and the spf moisturizer is nice as well.


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