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Day 35



hey guys....well my skin is still really dry around my mouth area which is pants! it looks awful and feels so tight...used a tiny amount of bp tonight and will maybe use aha tomorrow night if the dryness has subsided a bit.

ive had to put loads of moisturizer on tonight and will put more on before bed.

spot wise i was ok this morning but now i have two more little bumps on my right jaw line and a new pimple on my chin which was tiny but i still attacked it! a lot of healing going on and stil 3 bumps on my head!!

i went to the doctor today to get more minocycline and she said I was looking better which is good!

Got another two months worth off her but I told her that it was really affecting my stomach ....she asked if i could tolerate it and I said yes but not for much longer. She said I would be better off talking to the derm next week so thats what I will do!

Im really expecting a massive breakout coz i have been eating really badly the last 4/5 days...really bad!! but its been so nice to eat some unhealthy food....i missed chocolate!

Anyhow night all



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