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Week 7 update



Hi all,

Weekly update- I'm afraid to say Ive been a bit hectic this week and so my time spent using lumie has been affected a bit- Ive only missed one day completely but Ive had a couple of short sessions this week. It doesnt seem to have affected things too much now Im this far into using lumie, although I have had a small/mild breakout- but nothing nothing like I used to get. My skin is still steadily improving, and whilts I still get small 'spots' I dont have lumpy clusters that are painful.

Im actually pretty impressed with lumie, it does what it says and no side effects- although it would be really really useful if the lamp was bigger so you could treat a bigger area- cos im always so hectic I do struggle to spend as much time as Id like on it.

However I have even mentioned it to a friend as she was complaining of terrible acne, and she has gone and purchased a Lumie! Ill let you know how she gets on too!

thats all for now,



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