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Day 4 - Patience is a virtue



Less burning when I applied BP this morning. It also seems to be absorbing faster. I have also noticed the first bit of dry flaky skin. I have remedied this by using additional moisturizer, but I really need to get Dans BP and jojoba oil! I had 3 pustules come to a head (well the third was on the fence) and I was going to not pop them but I decided to anyways because they fit in the guild lines that Dan put up under "Popping Pimples". Hopefully I have made the right decision and this will aid their healing. I think the main difference is before I used to squeeze and aggravate EVERY little anything on my face until I saw results. No wonder I have all these clusters of breakouts...

On a side note, I have been injured and not able to play my sport for the past 4 1/2 weeks. I thought it was just a sprain in my back but as it turns out this is all because I am imbalanced muscle wise so I have all these issues and one of my legs is and inch shorter than the other (not from different sized bones, because my pelvis is on a tilt)! So good news is we know the issue. I'm still really nervous to see if treatment works though because I am still experiencing pain :pray: Sorry for going on about something unrelated to acne... I guess I could say it's a source of stress contributing to my acne? lol

BTW I will post some pics soon!


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