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Day 34



Oh my god my face is dry dry dry! I tought the AHA was meant to exfoliate? All around my mouth is so flakey, its like starting the regimen all over again! Going to lay off the aha round my mouth for a few days and just moisturise....seriously the amount of skin that came off this morning was insane! I may have to not out bp there tonight just to try and sort it out a bit!! I really want to use the jojoba oil but im scared that it was holding me back a bit!

Still got three bumps on my head! both umps on my jaw line had heads last night but one of them didnt want to die, so even though i popped it, it had puss init again this morning! the one on the other side has flattened out this morning.

Still not impressed with how this is going!

Cant wait to take my makeup off and moisturise my face!

Maybe the AHA irritated my skin a bit and caused the flakyness? I dont know but it has caused no problems on the rest of my face and it was only round my mouth that it tingled.

Anyway, will use it on the rest of my face tonight and just normal moisturiser round my mouth.

Derm appt next monday!! yay!



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