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Day 33



Well its coming up for 5 weeks and I am still miserable!

New lump on my jaw line - one on either side! One if them has been a tiny bump for about 6 weeks and the other olny started forming a few days ago. They are rght under the jaw so leaving them well alone for as long as i can!

Still got three bumps on my head...when will they go away!

The blackheads i played with last night? Well one on my chin scabbed over and i pulled it off so i have a tiny wound on my face that really hurts!

Started using the AHA last night, just a little bit all over my face, I am really hoping itwill help to even my face out a bit!!

The family stuff is over now so if i react badly to it then i can hide away for a while!!

Derm appointment this tie next week! YAY!!!!!



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