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Day 2



Skin looks incrementally better, some popped/picked areas are getting less red and scabbing less. One of the under the skin but redish pimples is now a gross pustule... I want to pop it really badly but people online say that they usually go away in 2-4 days and I guess that's a lot faster than like a week for it to scab over, heal and then leave a red mark so I will resist! It is on the side of my face, lower cheek area so it will be easier to resist. I'm running out of Clindents (this is my last package) but i'm getting more soon, they appear to help but I only used them for a few days so I can't really be sure. My face really burned last application of BP but it looks less flaky/dry so that's a good sign. My face looks really pale because I have been avoiding the sun and not using sunless tanning products... doesn't help complexion lol


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