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32 days on the regimen



okay so its been 32 days...yesterday was the wedding and it went really well, i avoided mirrors and just had fun!

By the time I got home a huge spot had come up on my hair line so it had been hidden but it really hurts today!

Loads of little blackheads keep surfacing on my chin and they are really pissing me off! I just squeezed a few out and i know i shouldnt have but im just hoping that nothing more comes of them!! Knowing my luck they will be all inflamed by tomorrow!

Still got tre bumps on my head, dont know how long they have been there now but it must be well over a week! dunno what they are, they are pinhead size under the skin...wtf?!

Still got two little lumps next to my mouth, one of them has got 3 or 4 little puss sacks in it now! GRRR!


derm appt in one week.....yay! It has gone quickly, but not quick enough!!

Will keep you all posted for te next week but im realy hoping that this blog turns into an accutane log in the next few weeks! get all this over with once and for all!



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