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1 month



hey guys

i have been on holidays, hence the lack of posts! anyway so its been a month on the regimen (3 weeks of those were using dans products) and my skin is looking ok. I had a massive breakout during the 3/4th week, new pimples everyday etc. it sucked. But today my skin is calming down a lot. The spots have dissapeared except for 1 on my chin but it is healing ok. My skin is less dry as it is getting used to BP but i am still only on 1 fingers worth once a day (i only apply bp at night). I'll have to wait and see if i want to go up to 2 fingers worth as i really dont want the dry flakey skin again grrrrr.

Anyway i have some red spots from previous pimples and i'm going to try using sudocrem tonight to get rid of them. There is a huge discussion about it by 'real maverick' and a lot of good things have been said about it so i just put some on tonight and i'm going to see how it goes.

oh also i ordered some AHA from acneorg tonight so i can't wait to try that too eventually (dont wanna try to many new things at once!)


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