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Day Seven



No stinging again today! And this morning I used a ton of bp. I went from a third of a finger to half a finger! I'm not too flaky (yay!) and no new pimples (double yay!). Well actually there is a mysterious, large, red bump on my neck, but I'm not sure if it's a pimple or a mosquito bite. It doesn't itch, but I have never ever ever gotten a single blemish on my neck before. Just to be safe, I put some benzoyl peroxide on it.

I just remembered something that happened this morning. I was completely zoned out and spacey while I was doing the regimen, so I completely forgot to apply bp and I just moisturized. With jojoba oil and everything. I realized that after rubbing all the moisturizer in. Stupid right? So I just waited fifteen minutes and applied bp. I waited for about thirty minutes and moisturized again. I seriously need to pay more attention....

I've used the acne.org moisturizer!!! Yay! It's absolutely fabulous. It absorbs super fast, goes on easily, doesn't leave a greasy look (only a healthy shine), and feels great! I looove it! After using it with about five drops of jojoba, my face looks radiant and completely empty of flakes! I am soooo happy with this product! My face isn't red and french fry greasy at all. I could seriously go on for hours just praising it.

Even more good news: My old blemishes are fading! And the blotchiness is gone! Hooray! I'm just dreading the possible breakout in Week Two. I am also scared I might breakout because of stress, because lately I have been uber stressed and irritated. I've been feeling as if it's my "time of the month" right now! But it's nowhere near at all. I hope the bp stops any breakout.

I'll report back tomorrow. 'Till then!

P.S. I just realized that we've hit the One Week mark!


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