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From Regimen Log



So I was going to track everything with a regimen log, but figured a blog would be better. Here's my entry in the message board:


I always come back to this regimen because it works for me! It instantly clears my blemishes. I'm now working to clear the leftover scars and marks so I plan to maintain consistentcy by doing the following:

  • Apply in morning
    Tyically I would only apply at night because I had more time to follow the steps correctly and could apply more BP gel w/o interfering w/ the consistency of my makeup. However, I will give myself enough time to apply gel in the morning even if it is not as much as at night.

  • Wait for face to dry b/w intervals
    In the past I have rushed through the steps and not given my face sufficient time between washing and applying BP and then again between applying BP and applying moisturizer. There is a very obvious distinction b/w when I wait and when I don't.

  • Clean makeup brushes nightly
    My makeup doesn't break me out unless I don't wash it off nightly (it'll clog my pores) or if I use a dirty makeup brush. Ideally, I want to wash it nightly, but technically I can go up to 3 days.

  • Change pillowcases regularly
    So I had a recent breakout and I believe it was because of dirty pillowcases. It was due to going to sleep w/ my hair still wet from washing it in the shower and I think w/ the water on the pillowcase, there was also some oils leftover and it was very bad :/ The bumps have since cleared, but I do have scars leftover from them now...eh. But I want to change my pillowcases 2X a week to prevent this in the future.


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