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retin a journey



I have comedonica acne. my acne is like skin colored bumps. i have A LOT of bumps literally all over my face, chin, jaw line, cheek, forhead and nose. I have it everywhere. they are the same color as my skin so you can most likely see them in sunlight and florescent light, or very bright lights, but other than that you can't really notice all the bumps. you may see some but not all of them.

I used proactive and i got the best results during the winter (maybe one or two bumps every two weeks) and it looked almost clear but not flawless which is what I'm aiming for with my journey with retin a. During the winter i break out with huge red pimples (maybe one or two) a week and gazillion more bumps so i stopped using proactive all in all and now I'm going to start on my retin a regimen.

and ill try and update you guys on my skin

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