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30 days - graduation day



so today was graduation day and it went well except i spent the whole day thinking about my face. By midday my skin was really oily and urgggh. I have so much scarring on my face its mad, im starting to notice them alot more now and the one by my mouth is going to leave a really bad scar which im hoping the derm will be able to help with. Its really depressing that in the 8 monthsmy acne has been bad, this much damage has been done to my face. But ive honestly got scars that have come since using the bp, places where I havent had spots, its like the skin has pealed off and left a scar! its crazy!

Anyway, spot check, the one on my chin that came up on wed got popped on wed night and by today it was just a mark. Still got two lillt lumps next to my mouth which i think im going to have to have removed by the derm coz they are deep ut no inflamed puss filled sacks! dont know what the hell they are!

New spots comming up on jaw line - about thre, one on each side of my chin and still have two on my head. few clogged pores on my cheek but im not going to play with them coz ive got a wedding to go to tomorow and I look bad enough without messing with things!

I really cant get over the scarring ive got, its insane!

Really cant wait for my derm appointment now! 9 days and itll be here!


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Congrats on the graduation and enjoy the wedding :DDon't worry about how your skin looks. If there's one thing I've realised it's that it looks much worse to us than to others!

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