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1 mo. after accutane



Hello everyone,

I can't believe its been a month already; a month and 7 days to be exact.

My skin still looks good, but the oiliness on my nose has come back. It's not at all like how it used to be though. Just by the end of the day I get a slight oiliness.

Maybe it's just my eyes but, i feel like on my lower cheek/jawline I'm getting acne under my skin. But i guess its just marks, it just looks weird to me.

Other people tell me there is absolutely nothing on my skin, so I guess I'm just crazy now.

Since my skin is clear now i guess it is normal to freak out if a small pimple comes. I haven't broken out. THANK GOD. but, I have 2 tiny blemishes by my jawline. I still have marks, they've cleared up alot from before.

Altogether, my skin looks fine.

I'm really interested in getting clarisonic for my marks. I do like the glow on my skin now after accutane. I am also considering going for a second round of accutane, just bcs I am still scared of my acne coming back. I HOOOOOOOPE NOT.

The only problem I have now is my dryyyy hair...=(...

Can someone please tell me what they used that helped.. I'd really appreciate it!!=))

ahh, that's all for now..



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