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Wad really works for me... Aft 6months of research.

Jackson P


Hey guys, my name is Jackson, 17 years old living in Singapore. I have had acne since the age of 12, and honestly, it has affected my confidence ever since. It was not until i was 16 that i've had enough. I started Google-ing and researching many of the possible cures of Acne vulgaris. (not to mention this site has helped me alot from the many honest reviews of the members ).

So it comes down to these...

Benzoyl peroxide ( using oxygen to kill the acne bacteria ) Tried this out, didnt like it, it was effective in reducing the acne, HOWEVER, it was very drying and the worst part is, because it really dries out the acne, it LEAVES ACNE SCARS AFTER EVERY TREATMENT, this is well supported by many reviews though.

Salicylic acid ( Promoting exfoliation of the dead skin cells to reduce possibilty of clogging ) Also tried this out, and still using it, rating it on the AVERAGE though. It doesnt dry out my skin on low concentrations, however, it doesnt PREVENT future acne too. BUT! It does minimizes the severity of breakouts.

Sulphur ( an anti-bacterial + exfoliant ) LOVE IT TO THE MAX! All of u should try it. Will use it for my whole life. Im using a product call BioNike Thiosoap Acnet pH 5.5 cleanser, it contains sulphur and sulfurated amino acids. From wad i researched, sulphur was and ANCIENT (old) and traditional treatment of many skin problems. Do read up urself. Sulphur together with ur skin, provides an anti-bacteria effect, also it is an natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells, this two actions are KEY to preventing acne. Along with the 5.5pH, this creates an acidic environment on ur skin, bacteria cant survive in this pH, and this normalises ur skin's natural hydro-lipid balance.

Internally ( a cleansed body allow proper body function ) I think it helps? Haha... wad i included in my treatment routine was to ingest aloe vera capsules from GNC.. it helps in detoxifying my body and allow new acne scars to heal better. Wether or not it works, it definitely helps in giving u a healthy body:D

Aloe Vera gel ( i call it a 'Barrier' ) Why? Some ppl says it prevents and heals acne, but not for me though. Aloe does have anti-bacterial and inflammatory effects, it also contains many vitamins and other 'beneficial' natural substances. However, it doesnt prevent acne, it only reduce the EFFECTS OF ACNE, it reduces the redness and the severity of the zits. How i use it? Basically i call it a barrier because, I use it to protect my skin. Aft all my daily routines, i would apply a layer of aloe gel on my face. Aloe vera shields ur skin from the harmful environment pollutions to a limit.( bettter than none ). It does helped in reducing the redness of my skin:D Wether of not it works, its all natural and provides benefits in one way or another.

Ok... so thats about it:D My acne routine would be,

Cleanser: BioNike Thiosoap Acnet ph5.5

Toner: Salicylic based toner, any toner will do with 1% salicylic concentration

Acne treatment lotion: Tea tree oil based lotions to kill all the bateria and helps in scars

Lastly: Aloe vera gel... to keep everything in:D (some ppl say it provides a natural sun-screen function)

Oral: Aloe vera capsules by GNC

Basically, ive had great results with the routine... wad i believe in is, if u are desperate enough, DO HAVE INITIATIVE TO RESEARCH AND FIND A SOLUTION! I buy products for the ingredients, don buy for the Brand... Its not worthwhile. So in a nutshell, its a combination of actions that can help treat acne, first, ANTI-BACTERIAL. Second, KERATOLYTIC ACTION ( Exfoliation by salicylic acid ). Thirdly, KEEPING UR SKIN OFF BACTERIAL ( tea tree, and don touch ur face! ) Lastly, DETOXIFICATION! ( Skin reveals the health of ur body, good health = nice skin )

Hope this helps to everyone...:pray: oh! and today is my first day as a member:D Do leave comments:D


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