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i feel gross today. ive got a total of 6 active zits and this nasty bumpy texture to my face...im just covered in itty bitty zits, yuck! i put lotion on to help my makeup go on better but it just makes my face appear greasy.

my hair is dry but i just hate skipping a day of washing it. its hard because my scalp is itchy so i want to use head and shoulders but i know by washing it im drying it further... but i just never feel clean unless my hair is freshly washed.

last night i got extremely nauseous and i had bad stomach pains. i was worried that i was coming down with some kind of bug but i realize now its because of the accutane. bad stuff happens if i dont drink enough water. i chugged gatorade and water for a few hours then took pepto and finally had something to eat when i could stomach it (sushi of all things...my fiance just HAD to have it). so i felt better after all of my remedies and completely fine this morning. i now know that even if i dont feel thrsty, i NEED to drink...the effects of dehydration show somewhere eventually.


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