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one month down



Well its been 4 weeks and according to the what to expect page I should be pretty much clear now, but I'm not!

Still have two lumps next to my lip and there is puss in there but it isn't coming to a head at all so just going to have to leave them be. So annoying coz they both scabbed over, scab came off, more puss there! Wtf!!

New spot on my chin which is growing so I'm in two minds whether to pop it or leave it alone!

3 tiny new little spots have come up above my lip and still have some lilltle bumps under the skin on my head. One new liitle lump has shown up on my. Jaw as well. So all in all not feeling too good about having graduation and a wedding this weekend.

I'm just so fed up of this. I hate waking up each morning to inspect my face!

Derm appointment in 11 days. Still undecided as to whether I should push for accutane or not, its a scary prospect!

Anyway, will update tomorrow!!



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