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head in the clouds



i'm tired.

red marks are annoying. i don't understand why they take so long to go. if i cut my arm or get a mosquito bite somewhere on my body, it'll take next to no time to go away but a red mark on my face will take weeks and weeks. it's really boring to constantly have to treat these.

i'm not upset or anything over it, just bored of them being there. they're going down slowly but it's just the fact that they're taking soooo long. i'm still using aftershave balm on my face after i have a shave but i'm gonna switch to a different moisturiser this week to see if that has any effect.

i bought some vitamin e oil from the health store a little while ago and i'm gonna use that at some point this week too. i used it a couple of years ago and it worked pretty well. a few months ago, i used it as a tester on a mark that's completely gone now so all things considered, it should do some good.

i need to get my skin tone even again too. up close, i've noticed that parts of my cheeks are whiter than say, the top parts of my cheeks or around my nose because of all the bleaching cream i've put on it (i'm guessing). anyone got any tips for that? maybe the vitamin e oil would help that too..

life's pretty boring at the moment. i'm waiting to get some money together to move to a different city with more opportunity. i'm aiming to have the majority of these red marks gone by mid august which i think is doable, and i'm hoping to move to london by the end of september.

for now, i just stroll along thinking about the future and clearing the past


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