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Changed Products again



This will be short. I wish I could say this is an amazing product but I can't BC everybody is different and it may provide different results for other people. However I did want to put positive feedback if ANYBODY Cares and is wondering about. I see an increasing number of acne products every time you Google. I have currently switch to Max clarity which is a new FOAM formula from the people that research Benzoyl in the beginning. (at least they say that)..but anyhow..it really work on me. it's a simple formula and easy steps. Better than anything I seen or try out there. well that's it. I am done. Just wanted to put it out there. Any questions ask me away. Wish you the best.

PS i was reading on people getting mad bc they had no help. Well, personally i had few comments and responses but it's the nature of the beast of this blog community. Ultimately I think a support group such as this website is excellent and we should try to communicate more among people that are in the same area at least. Well good luck everybody.

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I just posted in my blog about how I'm considering MaxClarity. I get frustrated because sometimes people don't have the same kind of acne that I do and things work for them and not for me. Anyway, congratulations on your success!

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