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day 26



Is it wrong that I am more excited about going to the dermatologist in 13 days, than I am about my graduation or my sisters wedding?!

Update, still dealing with the remains of the nodule from over 4 weeks ago. Its still a lump but I'm going to have to leave it alone. It just doesn't want to die!! Next to it is another little lump which I'm hoping will deflate soon! There is something waiting to come up on my chin and a few little scabs too.

The spot that came up on my head yesterday that I popped has flattened down and is just a red mark now.

The bp has really brought out previous red marks that were pretty much gone but now they look worse for some reason! My chin looks a mess to be honest!! 4 days til graduation and I keep telling myself that I'm going to enjoy it no matter what but I don't think I will. Its going to be really hard.

I've had to use a little less bp last night and this morning coz my skin was so dry and flakey. Still not using the jojoba oil just incase it was making things worse.

I dreamt last night I was on accutane! What a dream! Hopefully it will be a reality soon!!



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