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Well graduation is in 5 days, my sisters wedding is in 6 days....

one of the spots on my head decided to show its head today tiny bit of puss came out so hoping that will go down abit by tomorrow.

Where the nodile was 4 weeks ago is still a little inflamed and there is deffo still puss under it and I HAVE to resist picking at it. I have to not pick anything this week so that I dont have any scabs next week. think i would rather have spots than scabs.

The lump that was by my lip was puss filled friday night as was a little bump by my lip - and i swear thatbump had been there for weeks so gently pricked them with a needle and puss came out, they scabbed over and today they are just red marks so i'm icing them flat out. a new spot came up on my left jaw line last night with a head - pricked it, popped it and today is just a little red mark, same for two on the right side of my jaw.

I am starting to think that the jojoba oil may have broken me out as things were going good until I started massagin my face with it so I didnt do it last night and wont for a bit longer, see if that works.

Have stopped taking niacin coz my stomach was really bad since taking it so that is no more! Have not drunk green tea for days either!! I dont really miss it, drinking mint tea and ginger and lemon tea instead. As of tomorrow, no more lecethin or msm supplements.

I really dont think diet and acne are related for me, but I will carry on eating really healthy this week, stil staying away from dairy fatty foods etc.

I finally found the courage to tell my friends about how down I am feelin and explained that I am going to go see a derm about accutane in 2 weeks. Sent them all a message on facebook explaining everything so I feel good that I ot if out my chest. Hopefully they will all be understanding about things now!!

really hoping my skin will heal up abit now and that any spots will stay hidden for the next few days. Really want to enjoy my graduation and my sisters wedding!

Cant wait to see a derm......2 week countdown begins now!!



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