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Day 24



Well my face looks crappy today! 3 scabby marks by mouth 2 new bumps on left jaw and a new bump on my chin. Still got those 4 on my head too which are going to prout at the same time prob on the morning of my graduation!

Uch! On the plus side, the little one that have come up on my jaw haw popped and gone down quite quickliy, like there one day, tiny scab for a day or two, then gone. So thats good, obviously they leave a red mark bt my face is full of them anyway so thats just something I have to get used to!

had a 12 hour sleep last night and still feel tired!!

I have stopped taking the niacin coz since I started I have a bad stomach every morning. Didnt ake it yest and no bad tummy today - maybe its linked, maybe its not, I dunno. Also going to stop with most of the supplements coz i take too much.

I get enough lecetihin from things i eat so stopping that. Im just gonna take :

2x acidophilis

2xvit c

1xvit e

1x bcomplex

1xstarflower oil


1xcodliver fishoil



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