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Day 120: back from italy and some...



I has been a super long time! But hell I was in italy for a month and then NC to see the 'rents. Then uber busy with summer classes, an internship, and work. So here is a bit of a recap of stuff that has been going on with my skin and all that business:

Yeah the 8 hour plane ride from here to Amsterdam -- holy balls! It was like the pressure sucked all the pores on my nose closed and brought any remaining blackheads to the surface. When we landed i went to the bathroom and I had tons of little white dots on my nose from all the little hard pieces of puss being partially squished out. It was super nasty and it totally did not help that I was stuck next to a super cute guy for the whole flight -- I wanted to die. I also wanted to wash my face and start over with moisturizer etc--> but there was no time for that, our flight to rome was too soon. I just threw on moisturizer and had to bear it (I obviously survived).

Also the entire time I was there my eyes were sooooo bloodshot and dry. I am sure it was a mixture of the let lag, dry airplane ride, sleep deprivation, and sensory overload... But i, for real, was using eye drops 4 to 5 times a day.

other than that italy was awesome. I wore SPF 30 lotion everyday and put on 45 when we went swimming-- other people on my trip burned, but not me!!

So I got back in the beginning of june and made a quick pit stop home to visit the derm and re-up on my tane!

My regular doctor was outta town so I was set up with a different guy which was fine. The real exciting stuff came when I got to the pharmacy: I have maxed out my prescription funds for the year!! That means from here on I am paying out of pocket for this stuff!!! Eekk!!

So that was a wallet rocker! But I can't stop now, I am so far along, if I quit everything I have done will be null and void! And my skin looks amazing!!!! I have another appointment on the 9th of July, i am not sure if this will be my last month, or if I am going on for more (and my regular derm was out, as I already stated, so i couldn't ask)..

My skin: looks amazing! I have no active pimples, cysts, or blackheads. (okay maybe some blackheads but they are so tiny I can not see them so I have stopped looking) My back and chest are clear too! My arms are blemish free... life is sooooo good!

side effects: dry lips.. fo sho! But now that I am home from italy the red eye thing has subsided...

weird stuff: I can now wear tank tops!!!!!! Holy balls, I do not even remember ever wearing tank tops on a regular basis since i hit puberty (and I am 27).... my skin is soft and not bumpy, i have a lot of hyperpigmentation marks on my back and arms and some on my face but i don't even care. I don't have active acne it is so weird! i love it!


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