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fuck fuck fuck



Well its amazing how much can change in a day! Last night I thought my skin looked ok and went to bed feelin all right about it!

Wake up this morning, new spot on the jawline, that's the third in three days, a lump forming by my mouth which is really swollen and I think will turn into a nodule!

And where the old nodule was healing from 4 weeks ago, was just a little bit of skin dangling off so I gently rubbed it and my face started pissong with blood!!

Great, another wound and another scab! I have had enough!

My face looks worse now than before I started and I'm starting to have serious doubts this is going to work.

Four bumps on my head still waiting to come a play and a few more on my chin. Graduation is in a week and I really don't know what I'm going to do! I can't go when I look like this.

Worse still, I read through my letter from the derm and what it actually says is ....we will write to you 4 weeks before your appointment is due, meaning I may not have an appointment for months.

Seriously had enough now! Minocycline is nearly at the 6 week mark so that should be working by now but its not.

Why me!?


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