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I am on my way! My skin is clearing up quite nicely and after a minor blunder with a horrible outcome, though less acne to deal with resulting I am finally a little more comfortable in my own skin. :pray: I know that things won't improve too much since it is now summer, whick means more sticky, sweaty nastyness, and a cottage with water so hard you can cup it in your hands and it won't drip (I kid you not!). I am going to need to be extra careful from now on.

I know it has been ages since I updated but a lot has happened in the last while and I didn't have time. Sorry. I can't beive it's been since APRIL since I first signed up, It feels like only last week!

I'll try to update more often and get some new pics. And also, I added some reviews: Avon Magix Face Perfector, check it out!


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