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Week 8, Day 1



Wow, it's been 8 weeks!

You know, I haven't had the miraculous clearing that some people describe and that we all want so badly to be the case with us, but my skin really is so much clearer since starting the Regimen. I figure by month 3 things will be looking REALLY good, but honestly, I am happy with the results now.

So my main plague has been the red marks for the past few weeks/months, which seem to be fading every day. This cream my derm got for me is really good, I think, and it has definitely shrunk the beastly red mark I have on my chest. If THAT thing shrank and if I can ADMIT that it shrank in a week's time, then the pale pink stuff on my forehead should honestly be gone in 3 more weeks, just like my derm said.

This is great because I'm hiking Mt. Fuji in 3 weeks :surprised: and HELL NO I am not wearing foundation on that trip! The goal was to be without makeup while hiking and feel GOOD about it, and I think I actually think I can reach it... I dreamed about this day all winter.

Fuck it, in August the teachers in my school are all going on a trip and the last time I went on a trip with them I refused to go to the public baths because I didn't want to take off my makeup in front of them, and my body acne/PIH was pretty bad at the time. I told them that I'm American and that it's awkward for me in order to get out of going, which is only partly true but not really anymore (I've been to these things a million times since and before the big breakout and they're great). I can't wait to go on this trip and be EXCITED about these baths!

I realized yesterday AGAIN that my face without makeup is almost back to normal. Do you know how good it feels to say that? I walked to the store last night with no makeup and I felt good. I ran into a bunch of my old students and they were jumping up and down with excitement, and my skin looked better than theirs!!

I have battled the dryness for a while and I got my jojoba oil (5 days after ordering it!!). Didn't notice a huge difference the first night but I did the massage-mask thing reccomended by cool as kim deal and it made a HUGE difference. So much stuff came off my face and it was AMAZINGLY soft and even looking after-- it didn't look red at all, and the red marks didn't look darker or anything! I reccomend it.

I have not gotten any 'new' zits for a few weeks now. If I get a pimple it's in a spot that had a blackhead, or an area of my face that was kind of fucked up (a small part of my chin-- SMALL NOW, anyway!, and some shit at the very back of my jawline). But honestly, the zits are little and short lived. I can't believe I can actually type this out... having a face full of acne seems like so long ago.

It is even nicer to type that out.

Anyway, going to keep up with this blog and hope someone reads it and feels good.

PS: I got some emu oil in the mail yesterday that I ordered a few weeks ago to help with red marks. I dunno if I want to use it though. Will it irritate me? :pray:


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