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Day 12!



Today was a good day, but not for my face! Hahah

I look like I have chicken pox on the bottom half of the left side of my face! I mean it's hideous as hell, but for some reason I just forget about it. (Probably because I haven't really been out in public lately!) I haven't been avoiding going out or anything, I just have no money! Haha

Well today I was supposed to go shopping with my best friends to look for shirts to wear for pictures...but the weather channel said there was going to be massive thunderstorms and my bf doesn't like to drive in the rain. So instead I went over to her house and we had a sweatpants no makeup day! Gosh I'm going to miss her when I have to move. She's the only person I can talk to freely about anything, including acne. Not to mention she's probably the funniest person I know! I accidentally spit sweet tea all over her blinds today when I chokelaughed. hahahaha

As far as acne...it still sucks, but I don't feel hopeless because I can just kick back and let accutane do it's job like I know it will. The oiliness is finally fading! Hallelujah! My stupid lips are manageable, my ribs don't seem to hurt much, and I feel like my lower back is going to explode (but it could just be sore from the exercising I did to tame my lovehandles teehee). My eyes are a bit dry which makes me sleepy, so I end up laying down for a second on the couch and I wake up and it's 1.5 hours later. One time it was 4 hours! But I sure do love to nap so it doesn't bother me!

I've been having weird dreams since I started accutane. I kind of enjoy it/kind of fear going to sleep because most of them are dark and scary. The first night, I had a dream that I was swimming in a pool with Ellen Degeneres and she had a heart attack and started pulling me to the bottom of the pool drowning me. Just last night I had a dream that there was a lesbian cult in my backyard killing themselves and my cousin (that's very unconcerned for herself or others and not a lesbian in real life) was one of them. It was horrible! Then it started raining fruit. Why do I keep dreaming about lesbians? Hahah maybe I'll look it up in a dream dictionary! Ok I tried looking it up and it said nothing about seeing lesbians just being one. Darn.

Well tomorrow my fiance moves into our house!!! And he'll be down here in a week! That soon?!?! Holy crap. I hope my face has mercy on me and gets a little better. Or at least quits sprouting horrible new zits. SO MUCH TO DO!!!! Tomorrow I absolutely must make a hair appointment. No excuses! And I do believe if it doesn't storm we shall go shopping!

That's enough for now!

ps I started taking fish oil because I don't want to eff up my triglycerides and a little omega 3 never hurt anybody

So I'm kind of nervous to go to bed now and have a horrible dream. Maybe if I think about pleasant funny things I'll dream about them! Haha



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