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Day 96



So stillllllllllllllllllllll breaking out lol nothing to significant but I've noticed my forehead is super clear lol like it's really weird because i would have little bumps here and there normally but now its soo smooth so somethings working! my tzone is also perfectly smooth and clear complexion its just the sides of my cheeks that are being the buzz kills haha, but it's ok because my derm told yesterday that this is probably the last month I will break out and month 5 will be the dramatic clearing :pray: so yeah they also told me some people just break out later in the process and it's totally normal ...

Why couldn't i have just broke out the first two months.. oh well lol but The breakouts now is not as painful as before and it's just the aesthetic issue I have problems with now haha but I'm starting my 4th month in two more days so yeah hopefully stuff starts to get better.

Oh and I'm going to be on 40 mg for my fourth month too since the side effects are way more manageable :surprised:

Uhm that's about it and I tend to sweat more easily and get really hot sometimes it's really irritating.

But other than the acne issue, life's pretty good: work is fine, studying for my sat/act is going pretty good, loving my boyfriend, and just enjoying everything and being optimistic :cry:


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