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Day 5.

Emma :)


So... day 5 and so far not much has happened :pray:

Umm I've been kinda preparing for the whole dry lips thing by now and again applying Vaseline but I don't think it's like even dry yet, I'm probably just being over cautious. If it's not my imagination again, my nose has been ever so slightly dry and a teeeeny bit sore, but vaseline has solved that fine. waaaheey.

My skin is looking clearer, but I don't think this is necessarily down the roaccutane because I think it's just that my scarring from the hyfrecation treatment (see my first blog entry) has healed significantly. I still have a few red pin pricks on either side, but nothing totally embarrassing which is making me feel any worse about myself.. thank god :surprised:

I spoke to my brother and he reckons that I should start to notice a big difference in my skin by about the 2nd month, but obviously I'm not necessarily expecting this because I know there are some people where their skin only begins to significantly improve in much later months.

In about the last two days I've had some red spots on my tongue which are a bit weird and irritating when I brush my teeth and a bit sore. This has been making my throat itch and I can't help but think it might have something to do with the Accutane. But haaaay like I said, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

I've been keeping a day to day picture diary of my skin (each side of my face, cheeks) so that hopefully I can begin to identify when I am beginning to benefit from this miracle drug.

Ahh, I'm so happy that things are finally going to be sorted... even though it may be a long time with some very hard times ahead, maybe even my hardest. Anyways, let's hope this run of enthusiasm and lack of side effects continues? (yn) tee-heeee.



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