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Day 20



Hi guys, well i wish things were better but to be honest I still feel pretty crap about my skin. A new spot on my cheek today, only tiny but I never get them on my cheeks - until i started using BP so I think im gonna stop putting it on my cheeks. New one coming up on my jawline but it doesnt feel huge, none the less its still there!

The scab came off quite nicely last night but Im pretty sure there is another white pussy thing in its place! not sure though so will keep BPing flat out!

Few little bumps on my head still havent done anything and to be honest they are prob not noticable to anybody else.

The wound is stil a mark and the red mark next to the wound is still quite visible.

Ive read through so many stories on the review pages and it seems even people with severe acne were 99% clear by 3 weeks!! very few say it took them months to see results! So why me!!??

I think my face is worse coz im still recovering from that purging breakout so it does look quite bad.

Cant wait to see a derm now but they will prob think its not severe enough for accutane....and ive been reading all the negative stories and I really shouldnt have!!

On a different note, ive read that green tea has caused breakouts in some people so I am going to stop!!

Who knows - it may make make a difference!! I wish it was that simple! wouldnt that be great!

Anyhow, speak to ya tomoz!! (unless anything hideous pops up between now and tonight - which I know is very possible!!))




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