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it works :)



it's been a month since i wrote my previous entry. i've been doing the peeling mask and B5 consistently and it works! :pray: i'm not breaking out anymore! there are a few minor occasional whiteheads but it's not anything unmanageable! The big deep cysts are sitll there but it's going away slowly. I can feel the bump when I press onto the cysts but it's not very noticeable. (I"m at the scarring process right now) In terms of the white bump that I mentioned previously, it's GONE now! I used differin as spot treatment along with dalacin-t in the morning and it gave me very good results!

With B5, it was drying my skin a lot! (I've finally reduced it to a 2x4 regimen with 4 pills a time and 2 times a day) I no longer have oily skin! :surprised: I guess that contributed to the clearing up process too. However, there are still deep scars on my face due to the break out. However, I'm fine with the scars because I have faith that it will fade away eventually as long as I'm not breaking out again.

So to sum-up: I'm taking B5 with spot treatment using differin and dalacin-t (or occasionally bp). For my daily routine, I wash my face with cetaphil and olay as face cream. I'm also using my peeling mask 3 times a week to clear off excessive dead skin!

For those who are still facing the break out or are desperately in need of a 'miracle', please be patient. I know it's hard because when you are at that period of time, you just wish that your face will clean up immediately. I've been through it several times actually. Try to be positive! There is always hope!

Will update again! :cry: Good luck everyone!


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