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Economics Papers



Had my economics papers today, feeling pretty alright about it. Didn't complete the essay paper but I guess it's alright. At least the problem is time management instead of a lacking in content.

Anyway, because of the exam period, I've been studying alot, getting little sleep, eating junk food (studying outside at fast food restaurants/coffee places) and being really stressed. I think it's really showing on my face, my unhealthy lifestyle right now. :pray: I'm not happy about it, but I'm not as bothered about it as I normally would be because right now I'm too focused on my studies to care what people think.

My acne got really bad though. Today my economics teacher said 3 times to me that my acne was really really bad. Lol. I was a little shocked and hurt that he said that but nah I'm not mad at him. It's just his character to be straight-forward. Plus he's a nice + good teacher.

Today is tuesday, last exam on thursday (lit paper). Can't wait for tomorrows Geography papers to be over. Going out to study soon (at a fast food restaurant again lol), so bye!!


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