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Yet another moment of insecurity...



I can't go to the pool because my makeup will run and expose my acne... blah blah blah...

It sucks ALWAYS being aware of this stuff. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't on my FACE. If I could hide it, that would be one thing.

All of my friends have normal to perfect skin and I wonder what they think of my skin. I wonder if they think I'm dirty or lazy or don't care.

It's not even like I want to be 100 percent, proactiv commercial clear! I would just like to go without makeup and have a breakout that is normal and not completely debilitating. I would like to take pictures and be able to look people in the face without wondering what they're looking at.

I have a friend that asked me what would happen to my skin if I just "left it alone" (as far as washing and medicating, etc). It was so hard not to just punch her in the face.

I have another friend whose skin was just as bad, and arguably worse than mine. He got on tane and in a few months was COMPLETELY clear. Good for him, but I wish I had a "phase" and not a freaking condition that goes beyond the realm of a few years of awkwardness and into the realm of the rest of my life...


Sorry. Just a bit frustrated. I'm breathing now.


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