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Day 108



Just started my 4th (and hopefully last) month. I've been clear for about the last month or so. The red dots are quickly fading, face is looking really good.

The sensitivity to the sun is a little ridiculous. If you have a choice on the timing of your accutane, take it in the winter months. I can't really go out and enjoy summer because I burn no matter what spf I have on. My nose is currently shedding about 1390752357 layers of skin and totally raw from a nasty sun burn. And yes, I had spf 50 on. Next time I'll be using spf 100.

The lips are getting worse, I believe from the sun.

Other than the little nuissances, everything is great! I am not ashamed to wear my swimsuit because of the acne on my back anymore...because I have NONE!

I can't wait to get off this so I can get my tattoos finished. I think this is the longest I've gone without getting a tattoo, only because my dr has strictly warned me not to.

Until next time....


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i know peeling is a hoe lol (hm accidental rhymeage)... anyways glad things are going well for ya. whats your tattoo gonna be?

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Well I'm just trying to finish my sleeve piece by piece, the next piece is a skeleton key with lillies surrounding it. I just hope it heals well! Any little scratch I get now seems to take weeks to heal. I don't really know how long I'm supposed to wait after accutane though.

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