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Day 19



I cannot believe it has been nearly three weeks, its gone really quickly - still wishing that I had started this regimen months ago though!!

Before i go any further, I have t tell you all about something ridiculous that I read last night...

So i was reading up about supplements and skin and all that crap and I came across one guy who CLAIMS that BLACKHEADS are WORMS under the SKIN! WTF??? I almost wet myself when I read it!!

Seriously, derranged is not the word! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but please? At least make it believable! and the worst thing was - people were commenting on it, asking how it could be treated and so on! This was all on my mobile last night and I cannot find the site now, but I will try and find it and post the link!!

As far as skin goes, scab is looking awful but should come off tomorrow hopefully and just leave a red mark, the 'wound' has scarred and looks quite bad, the spot that was next to it is a red mark now but still looks awful. One little inflamed blackhead thing on the right and a small spot on the right by my eye. Still got bumps on my head and a couple on my jaw line, but they arent really that noticable. Face was VERY flakey this morning, despite doing th jojoba oil massage last night. It seems to be worse in the morning than the evening for some reason!

Hoping this scab comes off soon coz honestly it looks awful! It didnt look too bad before i put make up on but now it looks all dry and crusty - resisting temptation to pick!!

Any how, been thinking about my derm appt and Im wondering whether to try spiro or not before accutane - coz i really doubt that I will be granted it! Does anyone have any opinions on this??

Anyhow, speak to you later guys


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