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Wow, B.P. my savior?



So the aczone was making me break out like crazy! i had at least 8 big red cysts that hurt to touch/put anything on and I could see tons of little pimples trying to push their way out. I counted them, not including the ones that weren't big, and I had 32, THIRTY FUCKING TWO. WHAT! I was crying all day. My boyfriend suggested just stopping the aczone and cetaphil since those were my only skincare changes other than the birth control. I washed with water and a tiny bit of clean and clear makeup removed ( i dont want to use it because it may break me out but I need something to take off my make up and i dont know of anything else, if anyone knows let me know...) and applyed B.P. (3.7%..thinking about getting a higher dose, anyone like a specific one?) So i applied the B.P. and within 12 hours my skin had cleared quite a bit. The cysts had shrunk, they weren't as red, weren't pulsating and weren't sore. The little whiteheads that were coming out went away and my skin isnt as blotchy. I still got a new pimple or two the next morning, which I'm used to, but at least I'm not too embarrassed to leave the house. WOW so either A) I'm allergic to aczone, since nothing I can find online suggests an initial breakout with Aczone. or B) the Benzoyperoxide was doing WAY more for my skin than I thought it was or c) Cetaphil is fucking horrid and causes acne. I also stopped wearing loose powder to set my foundation and concealor. My face doesn't look as nice when I go out, lots of visible acne scars, but hopefully it will help keep my skin a bit clearer. I've STILL been eating like shit. It's like, how much do I really care about my skin if I wont fix my diet. I'm starving right now, I think I'll have eggs for lunch. I've taken some pictures of my skin but dont know quite how ot upload them?


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