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Day 18



good morning all! I feel cheerful today coz I had such a good sleep last night - witht the help of sleeping tablets from the doctor! Ive had trouble sleepin for months now which I thought was exam stress but my body is in the routine now of getting up before 5 every morning, regardless of what time i go to bed! I blame the vitamin b5 i tried megadosing on coz it only started then!

So any

way the doc gave me sleeping pills and ive taken them a few times but didn think they worked at all, so last night i took 2 then when i woke by 5 I took another one. I know this isnt the best thing to do but it nocked me out til 8,30 this morning! i havent slept til that time for months and months, prob not since last year!

Only drawback is now I feel like a zombie and cant actually walk without leaning on something!! oops!

Maybe from now on I will take one at like 3 in the morning and see if that helps! you never know it may work!

Ive got into the terrible habbit of getting up to check my face and its driving me crazy and is not healthy!!

Skin wise - the scab did come off last night whilst showering even though I was gentle, but today it looks like a red mark so by tomorrow it will deffo be ok.

the zit i popped is just a lumpy nearly scab so that wont heal over til tomoz probably. The lumps that i spoke about are still there not doing much! so right now I have no actives so to speak, just a yucky bump. everything else is healing or under the skin.

Ive also added grape seed extract to my supplements as it is meant o be a powerful antioxident, better than vitc so will take one a day of theat aswel!

I swear to god I should rattle!

Stll at half a finger full but I think this is best for now to deal with the flakeyness.

I have also bought eucerin hydro protect with spf, but it feels really greasy so im testing it at the moment next to my eyes and under my jaw. people seem to sewar by this moisturiser but its so grasy it may have to be a night time one, it was ridiculously expensive too coz boots dont sel it at the mo so had to get it off the internet!

anyhow, back to bed coz i feel very strange from these pills! Im glad nothing new has come up over night, but as we all know very well, alot can change in a few hours!!

will update later on! (oh and for those of u concerned about the sleeping tabs, I only use them when my daughter is at her dads, just in case!!))



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