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Face Mask!



I am about to do my first homemade face mask ever!!! Well, except for an oatmeal one, but that was a complete fail.... :surprised: After reading the egg white mask reviews, I decided to try it out! Here are my ingredients: egg whites, a little bit of egg yolk, honey, olive oil, and a dash of baking soda. I'm pretty much using a mixture of what everybody else had used. I hope it works out! I'll mix it and put it on for fifteen minutes, then take a shower and use face cleanser to wash it off. But before all that, I'm going to steam my face! I've done it before, but I'm going to try adding a teeny bit of salt this time, just to see how it goes. After my shower, I will use a Biore pore strip (I've been getting some blackheads on my nose lately) and then moisturize. Wow. I just realized how much stuff I'll be doing to my skin today. :cry: I really really hope that I don't do something wrong and then mess my whole face up! That would be horrible! I've heard so many horror stories of face masks going wrong. :pray: Don't think about it, don't think about it....

As soon as I finish my shower, I'll report back on how it went! Can't wait! Yay!


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