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I just ordered the acne.org regimen starter kit today! I'm so excited!! It'll probably arrive in a week since today's Saturday and I ordered the cheapest shipping... I ordered Jojoba oil too, and so it's a total of about $60!!! Sooo expensive! I just hope it works... If it doesn't... :cry: <--- Isn't that smiley so cute?? I have light acne, but lately it has been getting worse, and I don't want to risk letting it turn into full blown "heavy acne". That's pretty much what happened to my dad. He had clear skin till his teen years, then he had a few pimples, and it steadily got worse, and worse, and you get the idea. My mom has always had clear skin (lucky!!!) but again I don't want to risk it. Well, wish me luck in not getting an eruption right before it arrives! (Oh gosh, that sounded disgusting. I don't really get eruptions, they usually come slowly and steadily, but who knows....)

Also, this is my first blog ever! I'm not really sure if this is how you're supposed to write blogs, but whatevs. :pray: Has anyone ever noticed that all of these smilies have perfect complexion? Well except for the yellowness. :surprised:


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Oh, and I forgot to mention, feel free to leave comments on any of my blogs!

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You should let me know how well the whole site package works, cuz right now i'm only using the treatment from the site. Good luck! :)

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