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Day 93



So here's the deal, I'm still breaking out, BUTTT considerably less. Like I would have a battlefield on my face a couple of weeks ago with immense pain, but now it's like way less just the annoying aesthetic related breakout that's bothering me not so much actual pain. All my HUGE nodules are inactive, but just the small teeny bumps left to go and the red marks from my past crazy continuous breakout I had. I would say I'm improving, but it's hard to tell because of the marks they left. Whatever! 4th month starts in like 5 more days for me so I'm sure I'll improve a lot in that month.

Another thing is I'm debating on whether I should stay at 40 mg or bump up to 60 mg, I know it's based on my doctor's recommendation, but I'm scared to bump up because I HATE THE SIDE EFFECTS. Then I want to bump up because I don't want to relapse and I want the process to speed up. I'll probably bump up though ehh.

Side effects: My nostrils are a little more dry, but not bad at all. Skin is a little more dry and lips are chapped. Nothing else, and my blood test was done yesterday and everything is still normal and fine :pray:.



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