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feeling good



yo yo yo. hi to anyone reading this.

i'm in a bit of a mixed mood, but generally quite positive.

let's wind the clock back a few weeks. i had 3 major annoyances on my face, but they didn't really look like spots, more like bites. one next to my nose which lasted a couple of weeks and never came to a head, it was just this big red bump and felt quite tough. it's gone now. then on the other side of my nose, the same thing but slightly smaller, which went, then came back as a white head and now i'm just dealing with the small red mark left over. and finally, a red bump which came next to my lip on my mustache line appeared for like a couple of days but it was pretty light, then went.

now, my face is generally clearer. the red bump next to my mouth reappeared lightly about a week ago and now looks like it's been trying to come up over the last couple of days but now looks like it's subsiding. i put it down to the finacea purging it out since it kind of just went on it's own accord without treatment and came back as i've been more thorough with cleaning my face.

i've had a couple of problems around my nose, like in the indented part if you know what i mean. i read somewhere that it's probably due to the fact at sitting at a computer or screen for the large part of the day and your pores getting bigger, etc. i think that's more than likely the story for me to be honest. i'll be getting much less time at screens as of tuesday so we'll see if that helps..it's not a massive problem but oh well.

the rest of my red marks appear to be fading quite nicely which is uplifting. i didn't shave last night as i was at a friends and ate a shit load of unhealthy food..will be interesting to see the effect of this as i've avoided so much food over the past 18months or so.

i shaved tonight and before putting on the post shave balm, i got an ice cube and rubbed it all around my face until it melted. it felt really good and my face has felt pretty fresh since. it's supposed to help reduce inflammation all over your face. i got a bit disheartened for a second after because my red marks seemed to be a bit darker, but then i realised it was stupid of me to worry as naturally, it would. i read about the idea from a member called wynne on here, so if it works to good avail when i see myself tomorrow, i'll be sure to thank her!

i'm just kicking it tonight trying to relax and listening to lights. everyone should go get her album, it's pretty damn good. i haven't slept properly for a long time, stretching back to over 3 years and i've read that has an adverse effect on your skin. i've lost a hell of a lot of sleep over the past 3 nights and reeeeally wanna have a good night sleep so i'm just trying to be chilled before i go to bed.

anyone have the same problem? or does anyone have any decent tips to help me sleep better? i'd really appreciate it.

i hope everyone's doing well and being positive. being negative always makes things worse, not only with your life in general but with your skin too. if anyone dares to bother, i suggest saying hi to 5 passing strangers with a smile on your face and watch their face light up..it'll fill you with confidence. trust me. and that's something we all want more of!

be good. 'til again


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